ZAR sessions

ZAR Sessions
ZAR Sessions


Teatr Zar are expert trainers and teachers, drawing on years of extraordinary performances. Their vocal training is exceptional. Zar is consummate ensemble with extensive international practical experience. As someone who knows their practice well, I affirm that they always operate with the highest pedagogical standards, bringing out students’ creativity in a tight and precise technical framework

Paul Allain, Professor of Theatre and Performance, University of Kent

It is a unique experience that everyone in the work is completely invested in. I did not feel like a student or a participant but felt as if I was part of the company, which I am extremely grateful for

Kim Whatmore, Uczestnik ZAR Intense 2022

I had never been in a workshop so well prepared, with such good treatment, such good pedagogy and with creative development in the form of improvisations with live music

Verónica Bermúdez Muñoz, Uczestniczka ZAR Intense 2022

Thank you for letting me feel at home in my body and in my voice. I can definitely say that with you I found a theatrical dimension really close to the theater I would like to practice every day of my life

Nicola Fadda, Uczestnik ZAR Intense 2022

We all felt that something truly meaningful was happening. During every class. With every teacher. The masterclass had a 360-degree approach to the craft. Body and voice were treated as one

Ludovica Tagariello, Uczestniczka ZAR Intense 2022

Thank you for giving us a context of freedom, of protection. Thank you for making us direct witnesses of your own construction in this process

Natalia Martínez Sala, Uczestniczka ZAR Intense 2022

The intensity of each sessions was functional for a deep internalization of the work. In just ten days I filled an immense baggage of exercises and creative stimuli

Margherita Caviezel, Uczestniczka ZAR Intense 2022

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