Wersja 2003


Fragmenty o przeczuciach nieśmiertelności ze wspomnień wczesnego dzieciństwa



Cmindao Ghmerto

Kyrie Eleison



For a company that takes its name from ancient funeral songs, Poland's TeatrZAR is awfully lively

Chad Jones, Poland's ancient art comes to life
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Polish ensemble's wrenching theater not for fainthearted

Chris Jones , "Triptych" intence ritual of life, death
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International Arts Festival Brings Polish Company to SF

Lisa Drostova, The ZAR's Visit Teatr ZAR
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Teatr ZAR takes audiences on a journey of polyphonic sound where compact simplicity penetrates through and through, uniting mind, body and soul as one.

Maria Shevtsova, Breathing as one
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Polish troupe TeatrZAR finds beauty in abstract ritual with its riveting 'Gospel of Childhood'

Mark Swed, Short, sacred, haunting Polish troupe Teatr Zar finds beauty in abstract ritual with its riveting Gospels of Childhood
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Performance was embedded in a full evening, which began with a bus trip from Grotowski Centere in Wroclaw

Marvin Carlson, The Gospels of Childhood at Brzezinka
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The audience enters a dark, candlelit space (seating is on the stage) to the sound of chanting

Wenzel Jones , Gospels of Childhood
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