ZAR Intense ’24



I absolutely love the way you work. Is incredibly inspiring and feels so free and open, it makes it easy not to judge yourself. On top of that, as facilitators you are so empathic that you create this atmosphere were everyone can feel at home. If I have to give some more insightful feedback. I think the food can be a bit lighter or have less movement after meals. Also I think Ditte's work helps a lot placing the voice, so it could be helpful for people with issues (like me) starting with her before jumping straight into singing.

Noa Lopez, Participant of ZAR intense

Walking into the unknown was a priceless gift to my spirit. As a Black woman safe space is not guaranteed. Right away I felt all fears melt away and the gentleness of the ZAR ensemble wrap their arms around us all and without hesitation I felt the entire group decide - together we will attempt to fly. What a treasure to the bone marrow, the voice, my nervous system to this machine we call BODY. What does it mean to be human? That’s what I carry from my time in Poland. That’s what I’m continuing to investigate and of course, since my encounter with ZAR that investigation will never be the same.

Constance Strickland, Participant of ZAR intense

One of the most important spiritual journeys for me as an artist and a human.

Kim Whatmore, Participant of ZAR intense

I had never been in a workshop so well prepared, with such good treatment, such good pedagogy and with creative development in the form of improvisations with live music

Verónica Bermúdez Muñoz, Participant of ZAR intense

Teatr ZAR guided us on this path with great generosity, professionalism and talent.

Margherita Caviezel, Participant of ZAR intense

One of the most special experiences that I ever got to live. Its beauty and power didn’t reside only in the great work that we did for 10 fulfilling days. It was also among the artists and mentors of the company Teatr ZAR. They welcomed us participants with an open heart full of kindness and passion. It truly felt like being part of a great family.

Ludovica Tagariello, Participant of ZAR intense

Thank you for letting me feel at home in my body and in my voice. I can definitely say that with you I found a theatrical dimension really close to the theater I would like to practice every day of my life.

Nicola Fadda, Participant of ZAR intense

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